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Corporate Advisory Services

Quant Fin’s Corporate Advisory Services brings a refreshing perspective to corporate capital structuring and hedging. We help small to medium businesses to become smarter by providing high quality funding and risk mitigation strategies.


We can:

  • Analyse capital structure
  • Evaluate project
  • Value equity, debt and business
  • Identify and measure risk
  • Perform stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Conduct statistical analysis, including forecasting revenue to volatility
  • Develop, audit and advice on usefulness and accuracy of valuation and risk measurement models for simple to most complex financial instruments.

We combine our unique qualitative and quantitative abilities and expertise to understand, analyse and deliver practical solutions to the problems encountered by businesses to unlock values.

We have a deeper understanding of complex financial instruments, their underlying risk factors and how they can be used within the business’ capital structure to meet hedging or capital requirements.

Our approach to corporate advisory services is holistic, integrated and product-neutral in meeting our clients’ needs and the strategic challenges their business faces. Also, being a non-financial institution, we do not push any particular products.

Offering everything from financial valuation services through to market risk management Australia wide, we have your business covered.