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Financial Valuation

Quant Fin’s Financial Valuation Services is aimed at Australian businesses offering equity, debt and business valuation to risk measurement.

Our equity valuation approach ranges from the simplest cash-flow discounting to the contingent claim approach, depending on your need and the available information.

Whether your business is borrowing or lending, determining an appropriate rate of return on debt is an important factor for your business growth and bottom line. Our debt valuation can incorporate all levels complexity, including credit worthiness, growth potential and market factors.

Whether you are buying, selling or simply want to recognise the value of your business, Quant Fin’s financial valuation services can help you by providing deeper analysis to determine its fair value.

With the increasingly complex capital structuring, both assets and liabilities can be very complex with embedded options, and thus valuing a business correctly by taking its inherent risk into consideration requires significant quantitative efforts.

Our financial modelling services can assist you in determining fair value of equity, debt and business. You can count on our implacable financial modelling skills, experience and expertise.