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Capital Structuring and Advisory

Are you looking for advice on an appropriate capital structure or hedging strategies? Quant Fin reviews your financial position and analyses your capital structure. Our capital structuring and advisory service will provide the insight into financing structures, options and strategies you need to achieve your business objectives.

We also advise on a range financial instruments that could be used to effectively hedge or manage your business’ financial risk.

Our approach is holistic, integrated and product-neutral in meeting your business needs and the strategic challenges it faces. We have a deeper understanding of complex financial instruments, their underlying risk factors and how they can be used within the business’ capital structure to meet hedging or capital needs.

Our in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, capital markets and complex products means we are well positioned to advise you on your optimal selection of these products. Being a non-financial institution, we do not push any particular products as we are product-neutral and our advice is objective.

Our capital structuring and advisory service can assist you in selecting financial instruments that will effectively manage or hedge financial risk within your business.