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Quantitative Analysis Services

Quant Fin offers quantitative consulting services to financial institutions, trading firms, investment firms and insurance companies. We provide cutting-edge and innovative quantitative solutions in the areas of derivatives pricing, model validation, financial risk management and market risk management, Australia wide and beyond.


If you do not have the in-house skills or time; or if you just want an independent approach; we can design, develop and validate financial models of any level of complexity used in valuation, trading and risk management.

Specifically we specialise in developing and validating pricing and risk measurement models for:

  • Fixed income securities
  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Equity derivatives
  • FX derivatives
  • Credit derivatives
  • Hybrids.

Our extensive mathematical, statistical and financial modelling capabilities means you can count on us in delivering objective, reliable and robust solutions to problems quantitative in finance. Unlike typical consulting firms, we go beyond the “tick-boxes” approach and provide comprehensive solution.

What sets our quantitative consulting services apart from our competitors is our:

  • Commitment to work collaboratively and transparently
  • Understanding of the changes in financial markets and regulation
  • Depth and breadth of quantitative skills
  • Intellectual curiosity and continuous learning

If you’re searching for reliable consultants who offer quantitative analytical services in Sydney and beyond, look no further than Quant Fin.