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Sydney’s Financial Risk Management

Financial risk is an inherent and integral part of modern business environment. Active management of financial risk or market risk requires accurate identification and measurement of the underlying risks. The increasingly complex and demanding regulatory framework has presented financial institutions with opportunities to enhance their risk culture as well as has increased the challenge of measuring and managing financial risk.

Quant Fin assists organisations to develop, validate or enhance their in-house risk measurement resources in accordance with their strategic objectives and regulatory requirements. We help our clients to meet the risk measurement modelling and validation needs of:

  • Market Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Incremental Risk Charge (IRC)
  • Counterparty Credit Risk
  • Corporate Credit Risk.

Many non-financial institutions are often exposed to financial risk resulting from market driven factors such as interest rate, exchange rate or commodity price movements. We provide advice to such organisations on the assessment and strategic management of funding, liquidity, interest rate, foreign exchange, commodity price risk faced by their business activities.

Are you in need of a company that offers reliable financial risk management in Sydney? Look no further than the experienced team at Quant Fin.